• unhealthyfoods

    Is ‘Healthy Food’ Actually Good For You? 10 So-Called Health Foods That Are Bad

    In our efforts to eat healthy foods we find ourselves stocking our pantries with the latest health food craze item, unaware we may actually be buying into the unhealthy side of health food! With today’s fast paced, eat-on-the-run lifestyle, we look for fast healthy foods and…

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  • mediterranean_food

    Mediterranean Diet Food List: Best Heart Healthy Foods

    Our Heart Healthy series continues and takes a look at the Mediterranean Diet food list. The Mediterranean diet is a heart-healthy way to eat as it is based on foods low in saturated fat and sugar and is modelled after how people eat in the countries bordering the…

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  • mediterraneandiet

    What Is a Mediterranean Diet? The Science Behind the Health Trend

    In honour of Heart Health Month we look at the popular Mediterranean Diet and test it for heart health. High on the list for the best diet of 2013, the Mediterranean diet incorporates the basics of healthy eating following the traditional cooking style of those countries…

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  • paleo

    What Is Paleo? Looking at the Paleo Diet

    The latest trend in the quest to shed excess weight and eating better seems to be The Paleo Diet.  Leary of restrictive diets that may cut out important nutrients, we asked our Registered Dietician, Jackie McKenzie,  to look at the Paleo food list and offer her…

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  • Mens Multivitamin

    What is the Best Multivitamin for Men? What to Look for When Shopping for a Men’s Supplement

    The best multivitamins are the ones you actually take on a daily basis, but what about the best multivitamin for men?  We already know men like to take their vitamins in a gummy form, but how do you know which multivitamin is best for mens health?…

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  • healthy_eating

    Healthy Eating: 7 Ways to Start Eating Healthier

    Healthy eating habits are the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.  Unfortunately, it’s often easier to grab that high-fat, low-quality bag of chips than it is to prepare a healthy snack (or at least that is what most people think).  Try some…

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  • ae_multi_wm_75_bottle_0129

    Finding the Best Multivitamin for Women: How to Label Shop for Women’s Vitamins

    Trying to find the best multivitamin for women? There are so many options out there that it is hard to know what to look for when label shopping for a women’s specific formula. When you are trying to find the best multivitamin for women there are…

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  • AE_hair_blog

    Beautiful from the Inside Out: Why You Need to Take Vitamins for Healthy Hair

    Did you know that you can take vitamins for hair? Healthy hair may be accentuated by the right shampoo and conditioner, but to get to the root of the issue, you need to look at what you put in your body, not just on your hair.…

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  • cow

    What Vitamins Should I Take? The Facts on Taking Vitamins

    A common question we get asked is “What vitamins should I take?” When taking vitamins, it is best to consult with your health care provider before starting any supplement so that you can discuss your age, your current diet and any health concerns you may have.…

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  • ae

    What Nutritional Supplement is Right For You? How to Choose A Nutritional Supplement

    People often ask us what nutritional supplement is right for them so we put together this guide to choosing a nutritional supplement (remembering that the best supplement is the one that you actually take!). Choosing a Nutritional Supplement When deciding what nutritional supplement to choose, it’s…

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