Chewable Vitamins: Effective Alternative To Pills And Liquids


There has been a lot of talk lately about what form of vitamins adults should take. There is also a lot of misinformation being touted by various supplement manufacturers. Certain kinds of vitamins, including chewable multivitamins, are increasingly being used by adults who are looking for convenient dosing and maximum absorption. Which kinds are the most effective?


These are the most common type of multivitamin supplement. They are usually pressed into shape, combining nutrients with filler materials in order to form a solid tablet with a long shelf life. These are effective, but can be difficult to swallow, particularly if the supplement contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. If you don’t like having to swallow large pills, these may not be for you. They do have the advantage of having the longest shelf life, but in most cases you will need a glass of water to help you get them down, which can be inconvenient if you’re not at home.

Liquid Vitamins

Some people prefer liquid formulas because they believe that the nutrients will be absorbed more quickly, making them more efficient. Any quality brand of supplement, however, has been formulated to be absorbed properly in the digestive tract. Your body can only absorb a specific amount of nutrients over time, so you may actually be losing some of the benefits if the liquid quickly passes through your system. On the other hand, tablets and chewable multivitamins are designed to be digested at a rate that maximizes absorption.

Liquid formulas are also more expensive to manufacture and have a short shelf life, particularly if they need to be refrigerated. Having to keep these chilled can be inconvenient when you’re traveling. Most liquids also need to be shaken thoroughly before being administered, as some nutrients are heavier than others and may settle to the bottom of the bottle. For this reason, you may not be getting a balanced amount of each ingredient.

Chewable Multivitamins

Although originally developed for children, you can now find a variety of chewable multivitamins developed specifically for adults. There are many people who simply can’t swallow a pill easily, and multivitamin tablets do tend to be quite large in order to hold the appropriate dosage of nutrients. By contrast, a flavored gummie is easy to chew and swallow and they usually come in palatable fruit flavors that people enjoy. With gummies, you don’t run the risk of a tablet or caplet getting stuck in your throat, where bitter taste and discomfort can make swallowing difficult.

The absorption rate of chewables is quite good. Chewing helps break the ingredients down and aids in an appropriate rate of digestion for maximum absorption. Because you don’t need water, it’s easy to take gummies wherever you are. Because they are pectin based, chewables have an excellent shelf life and can be stored easily without refrigeration.

Finally, many individuals simply don’t want to have to take yet another pill. Older adults in particular may balk at adding another pill to their routine if they are already taking prescription medications for health concerns such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol. In comparison, chewable multivitamins that taste like candy can be an enjoyable treat.

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