What Moms at Parent Tested Parent Approved had to say?


“YUM!!! These are a treat to take! The gummy texture is fabulous and the all-natural fruity flavours are delicious!”

- PTPA Tester


“I used to take my vitamins a couple times a week but now I take them every day and I feel better for doing so. Healthier! I haven’t had vitamins since I was a kid. These gummies are like a daily treat. I WANT to take my vitamins now! It’s not a chore – it’s a treat”

- PTPA Tester


“Yes, I liked that I could pronounce all the ingredients and that I knew what they were”

- PTPA Tester


“I definitely remember to take my vitamins more often because they are gummies! I’m an adult, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like a good, fun, tasty vitamin over a dull, hard, pill!”

- PTPA Tester


“Very easy and quick to consume. No water needed so I pack a small bag of these and pop them in my purse for on the go, like a midday sugary treat!”

- PTPA Tester


“I didn’t remember to take my vitamins regularly with pills. I don’t like taking pills. I LOVE taking these though! So, I remember to take them and because I take them regularly now, they are more effective!”

- PTPA Tester


“I already have recommended these!”

- PTPA Tester



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“I just tried these for the first time and they are awesome!” - Facebook Fan


“I’m so tired of bitter tasting vitamins. Your product is making my taste buds happier” - Twitter Fan


“The vitamin D gummies taste great. I love that they’re vegetarian. Thanks so much” - Twitter Fan



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“My 4y/o said ‘I haven’t met an IronKids gummy I haven’t liked!’ Bahaha! She JUST turned 4 today! Kids say the funniest things”


“I have to say I am loving the gummy vitamins :). I even remember to take them.”


“Hubby & I are on our way to being healthy. Finally a vitamin that tastes good! Tried Fibre gummies yesterday.”


“I’ve been taking my @AdultEssentials gummy vitamins every day and it’s amazing… no more nausea!! I had a hard time stomaching them before.”


“The kids tried the new fiber vitamins this morning and declared them a win!”


“These really are the best vitamins out there!”


“Tried the Adult Essentials gummies today… They are totally going to be my multi-vitamin of choice!”


“Thanks for the yummy vitamins! DH and I are hooked on them!”


“You just my life so much easier. Who knew you could take Vit B in a gummy!”


“Great vitamins check them out. Very tasty!”


“They are awesome! Even my mom, who HATES taking vitamins, loved them! My dad did too as did hubby! Lots of converts!”



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“I can honestly say I have never lasted this long on any vitamin i have taken. I do feel better being on them now for a couple of months or more. I have to say they are very tasty, not like any other vitamin i have ever tried. We are now on our second bottle and will continue to take these. Amazing product and I would encourage others to give them a try. You will not be disappointed.”


“I’ve tried to eat healthy and take my vitamins for years, but for the most part they taste awful and I’m pretty hit and miss with taking them on a regular basis. With the Adult Essentials I almost never miss one because it’s more like getting a treat then taking a vitamin.”


“I’d never stuck to taking vitamins before, but Adult Essentials taste so great it’s like getting a treat every morning.”