How to Get Dear Old Dad to Take His Daily Dose: Tips on Getting Your Husband to Take His Vitamins

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og:image It is no surprise that most parents take better care of their children’s health than their own. Parents obsess about getting their kids to try new vegetables, make sure they are in bed at a decent hour, ensure they are taking a daily multi vitamin and drive all over town to dance, gymnastics or hockey so they get 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity.

Who among us has made sure the kids get a good breakfast, that they brushed their hair and teeth, then piled them in the car and off to school or activities only to realize once we arrive that a) we forgot to eat ourselves and b) we are still wearing our slippers?

Our health comes farther down the list of priorities and it turns out, the largest population that neglects their own health when it comes to getting the nutrition they need is dear old Dad! Are Dads just too busy working shifts or long hours to take care of their health?

Studies are showing that only 32.2% of men, compared to 48.1% of women, take a daily vitamin supplement. Why? Is it because Dads are too busy or as our product tester moms tell us, that they are too picky?

There is no denying Dads can benefit from taking daily supplements. Omega 3 fish oils can reduce inflammation, lower risk of chronic diseases and improves memory function. Vitamin D is key to preventing osteoporosis and taking vitamins regularly can avoid serious healthy risk including heart disease and certain types of cancers.

So why then are men so anti-vitamin?

Perhaps the large hard-to-swallow pills, chalky chewables, unpleasant flavours, strong fishy taste, artificial flavours and colours is not enticing enough. Could it be, that the men in our lives are just looking for a vitamin that actually tastes good?

Tricks to Get Dad on a Vitamin Routine

•Treat Dad to a Daily Dose of Yummy – Dads are kids at heart so give Dad a daily treat with high-quality, Canadian-made Gummy Vitamins. Dad gets the nutrition he needs and the treat he really wants!

“Had the vitamins not been in gummy form, I can assure you that I would have stopped taking them, just like every other time I’ve tried to start a vitamin routine,” says Chris Read from Canadian Dad who participated in an Adult Essentials Dad vitamin challenge.

•Use Family Peer Pressure – Make the kids responsible for getting out the vitamins for the whole family and let them encourage Dad to take daily vitamins like they do. Monkeys see Daddy do!

•Find the Vitamins That are Right for Dad –Omega 3 fish oils, Vitamin D and B Vitamins for energy should get him off to a healthy start. Let Dad know the logic behind each of them so he’s more motivated to continue his vitamin routine.

•Remind Dad that HIS Health is Important Too – Make a family commitment to improve everyone’s health through more activity, better nutrition, and adding daily vitamins. Schedule regular family health activities, like family walks or a trip to the local swimming pool.


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