Men’s Multi-Vitamin

Men’s Multi-Vitamin

ADULT ESSENTIALS Gummy Multi-Vitamins for Men are specificallly designed to support mens nutritionals needs. They have all the goodness of our Adult Multi-Vitamin plus more. Chromium to support the metabolism, Iodine to support thyroid function and Magnesium to support muscle…

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Read More Tastes really good!! I recently started having trouble with big pills and these are the perfect alternative to those large pills.


These vitamins are fruity, flavorful, bright and bursting with flavour. I have been taking these now daily for 9 months. I have been through a health issue over the past 6 of those months and I strongly feel that Adult Essentials Vitamins have been a huge part of my recovery. They have kept my energy up and have given me that boost my system has needed to improve my health.

– Larry

Women’s Multi-Vitamin

Women’s Multi-Vitamin

ADULT ESSENTIALS Gummy Multi-Vitamins for Women have been specifically designed with the nutritional needs of women in mind. They have all the great benefits of our Adult Multi-Vitamins plus more. Higher levels of folic acid to support red blood cell…

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Enhanced Multi-Vitamin

Enhanced Multi-Vitamin

ADULT ESSENTIALS Gummy Multi-Vitamins are specifically designed for adults. They have 9 essential vitamins and are the first full multi-vitamins to be enriched with fish oil, supplying the essential omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA to enhance your daily intake…

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Love the new flavours! Not fake, or overall too sweet! Makes taking supplements MUCH easier!

-Sarah K.

I loved the taste and the fact that its a gummy. Makes it much easier to remember taking it on a daily basis.

-Brandi J.

I have absolutely LOVED the Adult Essentials Gummies. They are easy to take and easy on my stomach, which was a huge turn-off for me before with other vitamins. They taste great and I actially look forward to taking my vitamin each day.

-Joanne E.

I love the gummy vitamins! they are yummy and easy to take…I will be buying more.!

-Betty G.

Sooo yummy, taste like fruit snacks. Wish I could eat more than 2 per day!!

-Julie N.

We are big fans of Adult Esssentials and Iron Kids Gummies in our house. I was surprised at how much I liked the new and improved vitamins, as I thought the original ones were perfect! I honestly didn’t think they could improve it any more, because I thought they were perfect. I was shocked. They’re even better, and they were amazing to begin with! Even my husband, who is not keen on vitamins, has been taking his Adult Essentials every day!

-Anna D.

Loved the taste and that there was no after taste!

-Patricia T.

I have been a huge fan of Adult Essentials’ Gummies Multi-Vitamin for the past 2+ years and when given the opportunity to try out the new Enhanced Multi-Vitamin, I was really excited. It tastes just as great as the original Multi-Vitamin, but you can definitely notice a difference in texture. By this, I mean “chew” factor. I REALLY love BOTH. I have to say that even my husband enjoys taking his vitamins now, thanks to Adult Essentials! He doesn’t forget to take his vitamins anymore! Gone are the days of having to swallow horse pill- sized vitamins! These are so tasty!

-Maxine S.

Finally a vitamin that look forward to taking.

-Ashley C.

I enjoyed taking the gummy vitamins, looked forward to taking them and they tasted great. I would recommend this for anyone that has a hard time taking those huge vitamins and dread it, taking a gummy that does the same thing. The gluten free was a great surprise to whe I received the product to see that on the cover made me even more willing to try the product.

-Shayna J.

I’ve tried a few different gummy vitamins, they have a good taste but I was pleasantly surprised how much the taste of the new Adult Essential Gummy Vitamins tasted, they taste great, I never imagined a multi-vitamin tasting this great. I will definitely be buying more of this kind, it is going to be my first choice from now on! Thank-you for giving me the opportunity to try this new product out., I have been trying different brands and finally this is the one I plan to stick with!!

-Kim M.

I have a very difficult time swallowing whole pills (I get a gag reflect) so dislike taking vitamins because of this. Your gummy vitamins are easy to take and swallow. Also now that I know they are regulated I will definitely continue to take them and recommend them to friends.

-Candace B

I loved the texture of the new vitamins. They are much easier to chew and don’t get stuck in your teeth. The taste is also excellent. It’s like having a sweet little treat!

-Jody A

I am in love with this product. I feel like I am having a treat instread of taking a Vitamin. They are chewy, falvourful and very tasty. I will purchase this product again in the future and I recommend it to eveyone. This is a huge break through in the world of vitamin avaliability. Thank You for making this awesome product, my family loves it.

-Rosanne B.

I’ve tried other Gummy Vitamins in the past and this was the best tasting so far. I look forward to taking them each morning. Because of this, I never forget to take my daily vitamin.

-Ariane G.

I don’t like taking pills that are large, so this is perfect for me…… the flavour and have been taking them daily!

-Crystal E.

The gummies are so easy to chew and yummy to boot, that it’s hard to only take the two daily that is recommended.

-Maureen P.

I really liked the taste and the texture of the Gummies and so did my adult children we will be buying them again, Thanks!

-Shauna C.

I also find them a lot less “sticky” as a gummy vitamin. I have used other gummies and they stick to my teeth when chewing. These ones do not. Very impressed and will absolutely be switching to Adult Essential Gummy Vitamins.

-Trisha T.

Delicious! You are supposed to chew 2 gummies daily. They have recently changed the flavours, and these taste great. Perfect for people like me who have a hard time with swallowing large pills.


Great Canadian product – tastes good – and contains no artificial sweetners! I really like this product.


An easy and tasty way to take your daily multivitamin. I love that these also contain Omega 3′s, something which I don’t get a lot of in my diet. The experts that have worked on the development of this product know what they are talking about.


Love this product! The new version tastes even better than the previous one. For anyone who hates taking pills and still wants to get their vitamins, I totally recommend this.


Got these originally in a race pack for a half marathon. My husband and I both love them and actually remember to take our Vitamins now. Taste great.


Best multivitamine adult gummies available on the market. They don’t taste like most other gummy products, they’re significantly better, both in taste and texture. Will continue to buy these from now on…Delicious.


Bought these because traditional vitamins were giving me horrible nausea. These are much easier on my system. Bf loves them also. They taste absolutely delicious.


I have tried many vitamins I don’t like taking pills and my daughter can’t swallow pills, these taste good and don’t have an after taste.


We only use these vitamins. Great tasting, effective and Canadian.


My husband has never been so diligent about taking his vitamins. These are delicious little gummies.


Amazing! Best multivitamin ever. I bought a common name brand gummy multivitamin available at a department store and the smell alone made them unappealing. These Adult Essentials Vitamins taste like candy and I look forward to them everyday.




ADULT ESSENTIALS Fibre Gummies are a source of dietary fibre for the maintenance of a healthy digestive system. Extracted from 100% all natural chicory root, they have been specifically formulated to help adults maintain a balanced diet. They are uniquely…

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They really didn’t taste like a vitamin or supplement at all. They were delicious. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these. I already take their Multi-Vitamins and their B-complex vitamins. I love them!

I know that inulin fiber is best for the body to absorb and I appreciate that there is no gluten included. I also was impressed with the fact that they are flavoured and coloured naturally.

The experience taking Adult Essentials Fibre Gummies has been a very positive one! I am still in wonder and amazement at how delicious the vitamins are!

I’ve never taken a fiber supplement before but I have taken a look at them in the drugstore and found that many have artificial flavours and colours and most are in either capsule form or dissolve in water. Having had bad experiences with supplements dissolving in water, and not being a fan of pills, I really like these gummies as an option.

To say that these vitamins are easy to consume is an understatement! They are SO good! The taste is very appealing, as is the texture. It is SO easy to take these vitamins. Like I keep telling people, Adult Essentials are so great, I WANT to take my vitamins every day! Gone are the days of plugging my nose and choking down my vitamins! A++ for Adult Essentials!

Will definitely purchase again! 100%! These are the only vitamins I’ve ever been able to take! Before Adult Essentials, I was always reluctant to “choke down” my vitamins. Now I am excited about taking my vitamins and I look forward to it! They are SO good!

I am was impressed with the ingredients on the list since my 18 year old daughter is gluten free. So nice to find a vitamin she likes and is gluten free. I am very pleased with the Adult Essentials Vitamins with Fiber because they were so good it was easy to remember to take them very day. This is definitely a product I would recommend to many of my friends and family and my blog readers.

All natural ingredients is very important to me and my family in all parts of our life. I love that I can read the ingredients on your vitamins and not only read them but know what the ingredients is!

I LOVE that they are GLUTEN FREE! I have an 18 year old daughter who has celiac disease and this is very important to us and her. We don’t have to worry about cross contamination on her vitamins or any strange fillers.

My husband and I both LOVED them. They are so delicious! you would never know you are eating a vitamin!

Very impressed- I often do not get enough Fibre in my diet and I didn’t realize just how much I require before taking these.

Before trying these I was using a fibre supplement powder that was very chalky, then I tried a different vitamin which was not very tasty at all. In both cases I was not taking it daily. Now I can’t wait to eat my yummy Adult Essentials! So they are FAR more effective because I am taking them every day and getting the daily dose of fibre that I need.

My husband and I both agree that it is by far the best vitamin on the market. We both take most of the Adult Essentials line daily.

All to often you aren’t sure what you are getting with vitamins and supplements. I feel much better using natural / quality ingredients. I knew they were nut & Gluten free but didn’t know they were the only ones licensed by Health Canada. That is amazing.

We absolutely LOVE the texture and taste of the fibre gummy vitamins! I used to hate taking my vitamins, but now I can’t wait to take them every day!

We were extremely impressed to read the list of ingredients on the label! I was surprised to see such quality ingredients. Very happy to be taking vitamins that contain such great ingredients. We love that Adult Essentials is good for you and contains natural ingredients!

We try to keep with natural and good quality ingredients in everything we put into our bodies…vitamins included! It is so important to know what we are consuming.



ADULT ESSENTIALS Omega-3 gummies are the first 100% fish oil gummy designed specifically for adults. We use only pure source triple-distilled fish oil to ensure that you get the purest possible grade of fish oil. They are guaranteed dairy, gluten…

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I love that the flavours are natural and that there is no dairy or gluten. It’s also important to me that they are government inspected. I’m impressed! It makes me feel that I’m getting a high quality product.

I didn’t remember to take my vitamins regularly with pills. I don’t like taking pills. I LOVE taking these though! So I remember to take them and because I take them regularly now, they are more effective!

They’re a treat! Especially when compared to eating fish. I’d rather have these 8 times out of 10.

I prefer gummies over pills any day. I hate taking pills. These are the best possible alternative – especially to fish and icky omega capsules. I love them!

I love these, in fact the only problem I could have is eating them like candy! I would recommend them.


Very yummy!! love that they are fish shaped. I would recommend!


They taste good and are easy to take – they are even in cute fish forms.


This is the best Omega-3 I have ever tried. No fishy taste and taste great. Highly recommend.


Just like others rightly pointed out, this has turned out an excellent buy; naturally formulated(no synthetic additives or coloring) yet tasty; no fishy taste at all.


I’ve taken an Omega-3 supplement for years and have found it to be extremely beneficial to my overall health. What I didn’t like about it was that it always left a terrible fishy after taste.

I started taking Adult Essentials Omega-3 and find that there is no aftertaste, in fact they taste more like candy than anything. Now I hardly ever miss taking them and the world doesn’t have to put up with fishy breath so that I can stay healthy. Everyone wins!


love those gummies! It taste just like candy, doesn’t taste or smell like fish at all, doesn’t have a fishy after taste or fishy burping either. I would buy it again and again.


It’s easy to remember to take your vitamins and supplements when they are such tasty treats.


Yum yum yum! The first one tasted a little fishy to me, but then they didn’t after that. Great gummy texture and great flavours.


Love these gummies. They taste really good and do not leave a nasty fishy after taste. No fishy burping either.


This is the best tasting Omega-3 I have tasted! Highly recommend.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D

ADULT ESSENTIALS great tasting gummy ‘Adult Strength’ Vitamin D gummies contain 1000 IU’s of Vitamin D per serving. Daily intake of Vitamin D helps prevent deficiency and supports a healthy metabolism, strong bones and teeth. Uniquely designed in a great…

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PTPA Testers:

I’ve been taking Vitamin D for quite some time now. I find this product to be much more effective since I could simply toss one in my month and be done with it. The previous product required water so it wasn’t as simple to take. This product also tastes really good, kind of like a mini treat before bed.

Compared to the small pill i usually take, this is much more fun! And much more yummy to take, this is the first time I’ve tried gummy vitamins.

On taste and amount of vitamin D I definitely would recommend it.

I love these gummies! The flavour and texture were fantastic and made me want to take them.

I usually buy vitamins and then don’t end up taking them. These i will definitely continue to take.

I was very happy with this product. It made vitamin taking really easy and tasty. I also liked the variety of flavours. Much better than the old fashion tablets that you take with water and hope you don’t end up tasting it or worse having a vitamin after taste in your month!

I would definitely would recommend these vitamins especially to those who don’t like to take pills.

Our family really like the taste and texture of the Vitamin D gummies. They tasted like actual candy with no vitamin after taste. Too bad we only had to take 1 a day!

The taste was what encouraged us to keep with the vitamins so we were pleased with the ingredients since we kept taking it every night.

I offer it to my guests and start with the whole lecture that we all need 1000 units of vitamin D a day… I’ve already told my parents and brother about them and they take one every time they come over.

My husband has never been so diligent about taking his vitamins. These are delicious little gummies.


Very easy to take have a pleasant taste, will recommend it to anyone who needs some extra vitamin D.


Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12

ADULT ESSENTIALS B-12 Gummies help support a healthy metabolism and enable your body to efficiently metabolize fats, carbohydrates and protein. Uniquely designed in a great tasting easy to chew pectin based gummy they are guaranteed dairy, gluten and nut free…

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The yummy flavour made it easy to remember our vitamins!

I would recommend this product- its easy to take and reasonable priced.

My husband and I took these in place of our regular supplements and it was a good taste and texture – like a little treat.

Definitely recommend particularly to those who don’t like taking pills.

I had never had a gummy vitamin before so after having them now, I would choose these again vs. a pill that you must swallow as they tend to be quite big and they are hard to swallow.

I like that it is made from natural ingredients.

love love love this product. It tastes great.




ADULT ESSENTIALS Advanced B-Complex gummies contain a unique blend of B vitamins specially designed for adults. They support a healthy metabolism and help ensure your body generates the energy you need to meet the demands of your fast paced life.…

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I would definitely recommend these vitamins, yummy!

Adult Essentials B- Complex tastes great. Who’d believe that something that’s good for you tastes so yummy? I never forget to take my 2 gummies daily….I actually look forward to my treat!


BEST Vitamin B I ever tasted…Doesn’t even taste like vitamins!!!


Sleep Aid

Sleep Aid

ADULT ESSENTIALS Night Time Sleep Aid has been specifically designed to help increase sleep time and quality. They have all the great benefits of a natural sleep aid. Uniquely designed in a great tasting easy to chew pectin based gummy,…

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